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Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Fabulous Husband

This is one funny picture
WE were dining with Ahram and Justin in Seoul and we love all the restaurants
we were trying to eat and smile at the same time.
Too priceless
September, 2010 Seoul South Korea

Love is one of life's most beautiful gifts.
It often comes as a surprise filling the heart with joy.
Selfless giving. Love places the happiness of another above our own.It inspires
with its own passion nurturing with its generosity and enriches with its spirit.
There is no limit to its magic.
Love is eternal.

I love you my fabulous husband.
May God bless you with lasting love health peace and joy and everything that makes you smileā™„

To my darling husband
Thank you for your love and for you
Each and every day of the year!
When we are born, the soul we are given
Splits apart and half of it is given to someone else
So all of our lives we are looking
for the other half of our soul
And if we are lucky enough to ever find that person
Our soul says, "At last, I can rest.
I have found my missing half."
Then, it is said, we have found our soul mate
and we are happy and at peace
When I saw you, when we first met
You were familiar, you were known
When I saw you, when we first met
My heart recognized you as part of its own!
I love you with all of my heart!


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