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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Birthday my dear Sister Debbie

Photograph of my little Sister Debbie at her birthday party as a child
at our homestead growing up.

The Olympic torch will pass right by our old childhood homestead tomorrow night.
What a tribute indeed.

Happy Birthday to my dear Sister Debbie:

A birthday blessing
Life is change this much we know
We plant a seed,
we watch it grow,
A caterpillar, small and shy,
Unfurls into a butterfly
An acorn falls so it can be
Transformed into a sturdy tree.
And we know when change arrives
Across the landscape of our lives,
We still can trust
that it will mean
A special blessing not yet seen.
As you grow into all God has planned for you this year,
May each day bring you blessing after blessing.

Penguins for Ahram

Most images are from our home
Some are photographs from Google Searches
and blogs I love
Some of from my favorite shops in our area
Thank you all

Penguins appetizers on the montage:
From a lovely blog I visit
(link below)
and her recipe sent to me via email.

Hey Jeanne...easy peasy. You need a jumbo olive and a small olive (for head and body) a slice of carrot and some cream cheese.

Slice a piece out of the Big olive from hole to hole. Stuff this with cream cheese. slice a tiny triangle out of the carot slice (makes the feet and the tiny triangle is the nose). Put that tiny triangle in the opposite side of the hole in the tiny olive. using a toothpick (or stronger) place the body on the feet...the head on the body. Use the toothpick to secure it all.

Fabulous Penguin appetizers and recipe from the fabulous blog

Lime in the Coconut

Thank you


At 9:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A lovely tribute to your sister Debbie.
Many Christmas Blessings to you dear friend!

At 12:32 PM, Blogger Jeanne said...

Blessings to you too
Love you


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