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Friday, May 07, 2010

A Grandmother is a Special Friend

My Grandmother helped raise me and I celebrate Mother's Day for her as well.

For you with so much love my precious Grandmother
Happy Mother's Day
A Grandmother is a special friend
She looks at the world through experienced eyes
and with wisdom she has gaine through the years
She helps you to see
just how good life can be.
She's there through your smiles and your tears.
She offers completely
her help and support in everything you try to do
She is willing to share
to listen, to care.
She is never too busy for you.
She enriches the lives
of all those who know her.
The kindness she shows has no end.
Her warm, gentle touch
Means so very much
She is your Grandmother and your special friend.
~Amanda Bradley

There could not be a Grandmother
more wonderful than you
Because you give a loving touch
To everything you do
That is why this comes with loving thoughts
and thanks for all you have done
And I wish your Mother's Day to be a very happy one.

God bless you my precious Grandmother.


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