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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Source of this photograph Unknown to me...........

A You Tube Video of my son driving through the Fiords of New Zealand

courtesy of Justin's friend as seen on Facebook

"Afoot and light hearted, i take to the open road....from this hour, freedom!"
~Walt Whitman 1856
Thank you♥Kimberly
It is posted on her blog
Walk the Beach (sidebar)

Thanks Elaine for the fabulous lunch yesterday and for your golden
gift of friendship all through the years
I love you♥

I read this on Jim Harpers Blog

Thanks Jim

Detroit Magic Radio Station
Thanks Jim for all you share

And Laura Solomon for this list:

50 Ways To Build Your Optimism’.
Be realistic about your expectations.
Accept the past, manage the present and work hard towards the future.
Seek for a ray of light/hope in a negative situation. It’s a bit difficult considering all you are going through, but there’s always an opportunity lurking somewhere in the dark.
Utilize what you have for now and aspire to grow in every area of your life, remembering you can only swallow food in bits and pieces before taking another big bite.
Be authentic, be yourself and stop hiding behind the MASK of pretence.
Get infected by being in a network or company of constructive people, because optimism is positively contagious.
Have a dream, believe in it and do everything possible under the sun to run with it.
Accept you are human with imperfections.
Express love towards other people.
Be selective of what you read, hear or watch from the media. Excessive media influence could dampen your spirits.
Develop the habit of using positive affirmations constructively.
Listen to music. It has the ability to make your mind wander a bit. Come on!!! dance to the groove; sing even if it won’t get you auditioned for XFACTOR.
Exercise regularly. Taking care of your body mind and soul builds courage and resilience to face the pressures of the world.
Avoid living in self denial.
Try as much as you can to stay calm when overwhelmed with the issues of life.
Be thankful for everything you have, who you are, the people around you…..
Develop a sense of humour. Cultivate the habit of laughing or cracking jokes.
Spoil yourself and make sure you enjoy doing so. Go on vacations, get a massage, eat out……..
Improve yourself at the slightest opportunity you have. Your capacity to succeed in life will depend on your personal drive to take each opportunity as stepping stones to fulfilling your life long dream.
Be gracious enough to accept things you cannot change. There will always be things you cannot change no matter how hard you work at it.
Reflect and focus on the good things that have occurred in your life.
Create a positive attitude.
Don’t harbour any form of resentment particularly with issues from the past.
Know when to call it quits. Some things aren’t just worth the effort and time you put into it.
Occupy yourself with things that bring out the best in you i.e. family, children,friends, travelling, reading etc
Focus on creating solutions and not drowning in problems.
Be a positive role model to your children, friends, family etc. Be a source of inspiration to people who look up to you.
Be good at your job demonstrating your useful skills.
Have a hobby to keep you occupied. It could be a form of sport, reading, writing etc.
Improve your physical appearance when necessary.
Get some rest because it is required to put things in perspective.
Learn something new in order increase your knowledge.
Be passionate. Embrace life and everything it stands for with love and passion.
Show persistence in all your endeavours because it’s one of the keys to happiness.
Worry less because it reduces the level of your anxiety..
Celebrate the successes of other.
Be determined and motivated to excel in all you’ve set out to do.
Learn to try out new things.
Maximize your success and give attention to your failures remembering that failures are learning experiences that yield positive results if handled properly.
Set a goal so that you will have something to look forward to when the going gets rough.
Practice the habit of forgiveness.
Avoid clutter. Be organized not only with your things but also with your thoughts and your plans.
Create a positive environment in your home or office.
Read several motivational stories, blogs,quotes….
Think positively about who you are.
Develop a strong ambition.
Visualize happy thoughts. Imagine a picture in your mind what you want to achieve and how you can achieve them. Oftentimes, what you create in your thoughts give birth to what happens in reality.
Walk tall, with your head high up exhibiting confidence.
Smile as often as you can. It has a way of showing your sincerity.
Have a blend of optimism in the way you pick, choose and say your words.
Laura Solomon can be reached at (248)701-7559 or at her website


At 5:15 AM, Blogger auntpearl said...

This is wonderful!!! A good read for anyone.
Thanks for sharing.

Sending you big hugs,

At 9:00 AM, Blogger Clarity said...

I have read every line and soaked it in.

Thank you my dear and I intend to print this. Much love and peace to you, xxx.

At 9:14 AM, Blogger Seawashed said...

Thank you Jeanne for your loving words that encourage me daily. Now I'm gonna go watch your son's YouTube of New Zealand. One of my best friend's from H.S. just moved there.

At 7:46 PM, Blogger Relyn Lawson said...

You really, really find some of the best stuff to share.

At 9:40 PM, Anonymous jeanmac said...

I think I have to print this ,Jeanne.

At 3:16 AM, Blogger Jeanne said...

I love you all so very much


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