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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

God loves it when we sing and dance

God loves it when we sing and dance

Above link via Sharon
Thank you

Vink via my dear friend Lora

October 9th John Lennon would have turned 70.

Thanks so much

Soup recipes courtesy of my Son and Ahram
Kiss the cook often and season everything with love

We had fabulous meals with them both what they made for us and at gorgeous restaurants

Pumpkin Soup:

1 whole pumpkin
1 carrot
1 onion
1 potato
1/2 cup of Sour cream
Brown Sugar

Boil water w/ salt.
Cut all veggies into bite size chunks.
Then add veggies and simmer for about an hour or until the veggies get puree-ish.

Next let cool and use a blender to mix all the chunks. Add sour cream, cinnamon, and brown sugar to taste.

Chicken Soup:

1 preroasted whole chicken
2 bay leaves
1 can kidney beans
1/2 cup of navy beans
1/2 cup of black beans
1-2 potatoes cut into bite size chunks
1 carrot cut into bite size chunks
3 celery stalks (diced)
1 Onion (diced)
Leaves from celery stalks
Teaspoon of Salt
Teaspoon of Pepper

Cut the hearty chunks of meat off the whole roast chicken and then break the rest of the bird up and throw it in the crock pot along w/ all the other ingredients and topping up the water.

Set on low and let cook for a day and ready to serve the next day. Stir occasionally and look out for bones.

Wine: Rivercrest California White


At 8:28 AM, Blogger Deb said...

Hi Jeanne
It is pouring with rain today and your Pumpkin soup recipe sounds delicious! I will definitely copy it down to make. Thank you for sharing ♥

At 9:29 AM, Blogger Jeanne said...

It is my Son's recipes
Love and hugs

At 3:39 PM, Blogger Marilyn said...

I am sure you felt like singing and dancing when celebrating over special meals with your special son and his new bride.

At 6:24 PM, Blogger Jeanne said...

Yes indeed


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