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Friday, September 04, 2009

3 Girls and a Cupcake

A family friend of ours introduced me to new company making cupcakes (via Facebook)
They are done here locally:

Three Girls and a Cupcake Ltd.

They have made it to the top 10 Cutest Cupcakes this year for Martha Stewart's contest.........

I am so proud to boast about the people in our area and their talents...........

You all take the cake:

Message from Suzanne:

Thanks, one of our family friends made the cupcakes, her and 2 other girls put together their own company named 3 Girls and a Cupcake, and they've been doing really well. They actually made it to the top 10 Cutest Cupcakes this year for Martha Stewart's contest that's going on right now!

All pictures courtesy of Three Girls and a Cupcake via Facebook postings for Suzanne's son's birthday party celebration and other cupcakes for various events as well.

Thanks everyone for letting me share all about your beautiful cupcakes.......

I love to boast about our area and the fine people and their talents.....

From their Facebook Page on joining their group

In December 2008 three girls from Windsor Canada dreamed of running their own cupcake business. Thanks to close friends and family orders of cupcakes were being placed every weekend for Christmas Parties, baby showers, 1st birthdays and baptisms. The girls developed their very own cake and frosting recipe and are proud of their delicious rich formula. Their signature pink boxes and brown cupcake liners is just an addition to their beautifully decorated cupcakes. Connie, Lily and Kathy are very proud of their little catering business and are very excited for the upcoming events. Please support 3 Girls and a Cupcake and join their group.

Contact Info
Email: 3
Location: Windsor, ON

"Thank you for the compliments and we don't mind at all. We can reached or Lily Desamito;519.819.5232, Kathy St. Louis;519.991.0540 or Connie Baptista;519.791.3205. Thank you again!!!"

Thank you Suzanne for introducing me to your friends that make these fabulous cupcakes.

Congratulations on such beautiful creations.
Good luck to you all.

A cupcake makes any day more fabulous♄

I believe in spreading sugar and sweetness as much as I can............

Song in my heart

Weekend Weekend Cha Cha Cha

Everyone have a safe and happy Labour day weekend♄

Stand by me

If the mountains should crumble to the sea.............
Stand by Me


At 7:55 PM, Blogger Marilyn Miller said...

Love the cupcakes!

At 10:35 AM, Blogger Jeanne said...

Love you

At 8:22 AM, Anonymous Sue and Lorraine said...

We had "3 Girls and a Cupcake" make up cupcakes for a gala we organized and they were sensational! It was such a different, unique idea to have for dessert. Everyone complimented them, we will use these girls again.


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