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Monday, May 31, 2010

We have a new Angel in our Family

Pink Peony for Sophia on my front door

My Bunny is adorned in Pink for the arrival of Sophia

Princess Sophia was born last night at 9:15 PM May 30th Sunday
9 pounds 8 ounces

We are all so thrilled that Mom Ashley and Sophia are doing well as is Grandma Brenda
and Grandpa Steve and all the family.

Babies are bits of stardust hand blown from God's own hands.

God bless you Princess Sophia with an enriched and happy and healthy life.

I will bring pink roses to Grandma Lendvai to honor our new family member.

With the birth of Ashleys baby Sophia Grandmother Lendvai will be a Great -Great Great Grandmother :) Wow how amazing is that!!!

I brought Grandma a big bouquet of pink peonies and pink roses and told her of the great news of Sophia's arrival.
My Grandmother had on the same colour of pink sweater as the roses I brought her.........

Babies are such a wonderful way to start people.
congratulations to everyone
Sophia I cannot wait to hold you and kiss you♥

"The family is one of God's masterpieces."

Amanda also turned 10 May 30th they will share a special day
of birthdays♥

For Girls
If you can trust yourself though others doubt you
And conquer fears that limit what you dare
So you can freely give to those about you
The skills and talents that rare yours to share;

If you can live, not for your pleasure only,
But gladly lend your gentleness and grace
To warm the hearts of those whose lives are lonely
And help to make their world a better place;

If you can balance dreams with practicality
And deal in facts, but never lose ideals,
If you can face the harshness of reality
And find the truths that prejudice conceals;

If you can be courageous when defeated
And humble in the face of victory,
Or give your best until a task's completed,
However difficult that task may be;

If you can temper facts with understanding
And seek to gently guide, not to control,
And neither be too lax nor too demanding,
But keep in mind the worth of every soul...

If you can strive, not caring who gets credit,
And work at building bridges, and not walls,
Or hearing idle slander, just forget it
And never fail to help someone who falls;

If you can give your help without begrudging
The patience, time and effort you impart,
Or look at others' weakness without judging
And see, not with your eyes, but with your heart;

If you can take resources that surround you
And use them in the way you feel you should,
You'll be a woman...and all those around you
Will be the richer for your womanhood!


At 7:51 PM, Blogger Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jeanne,

How wonderful that you have a new Angel in the family.
Bless, Princess Sophia and all the family.

Have a lovely week

At 2:48 AM, Blogger Kellie Collis said...

Congratulations on teh new addition to the family! xx

At 4:11 PM, Blogger Decadent Housewife said...

Beautiful news, congratulations!


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