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Monday, August 17, 2009

Early to bed and early to rise

My Sweet Precious Sister Sharon kissing my Uncle Lloyd
Sharon marks 24 years in Heaven today
August 17, 2009
We love you~

The Rose of Sharon bloomed in our back yard for my sweet Sister Sharon
in Heaven!

Early to bed and early to rise
Makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise............

Are you an early riser?
I am and enjoy the quiet and solitudes of my mornings
embracing every sound and sight of nature

Two morning doves were drinking sweetly from one of our bird baths
Birds are singing
The wind chimes in our yard are singing a meloldy
The crickets this time of year perform their serenade
and I am seeing the leafs begin to have a hint of autumn hues

I am waiting for the new Victoria Magazine to come out and the
September Vogue
Was anyone lucky enough to see the new season of Mad Men

Share if you care........
I love that show
I love the clothes

Our Rose of Sharon has bloomed so sweetly
Thinking of my sweet Angel Sister Sharon in Heaven
She died 24 years ago today
God bless you my sweet Angel

My sweet little Sister Sharon
Kissing my Uncle Lloyd

Give me a kiss to build a dream on............
Have a fabulous Monday my darlings
It is supposed to rain here today.
Perhaps it will cool things off.
Off to see my beloved Grandmother♥


At 7:06 AM, Blogger Laurie said...

Hi Jeanne,
I am a morning person ~ I love to be the first one up!
I am hoping you have a lovely Monday.
Rose of Sharon was one of my Mom's favorite flowers. My parents had one in their front yard that hadn't bloomed for several years. After my Mom died it began to bloom again.
Sending you angel hugs))

At 8:08 AM, Blogger Jeanne said...

Love you ♥

At 9:53 AM, Anonymous Britt-Arnhild said...

I've been an early riser and also early to bed all my life :-)

At 10:34 AM, Blogger Jeanne said...

Love and hugs♥

At 11:27 AM, Blogger Clarity said...

Thank you for visiting my blog - sweet and concise comment!

I like your taste in music, you chose people who play from the heart. Well done.

I am such a morning person - our minds were connected when posting.

And on the lovely thoughts of both your sisters and family - gorgeous. Peace and love, x.

At 2:53 PM, Blogger Jeanne said...

Thanks for your visits and kind words♥

At 2:57 AM, Blogger Relyn Lawson said...

Oh that first image. Oh my.


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