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Friday, April 02, 2010

Purple Pansies for Ahram

Our front porch

Purple pansies for Ahram
I love you my darling one♥

I love butterflies
I had the first real butterfly in my garden yesterday♥

Pussywillows and birds and Mom's Angel

Pansies everywhere this spring
I love their sweet little faces as if to say
Welcome It's Spring
I've been waiting for you♥

Black Bamboo and black stones from Asia

Purple Pansies for Ahram

and Pansies for my Uncle Ed in Heaven
one of his favorite flowers

I love the colour Purple with Ahram having her birthday in February and her birthstone being the gorgeous purple gem stone amethyst

I have planted purple pansies all around the outer gardens for her...........
and as always have pussywillows everywhere

April is the Angel of Months

Spring is the Queen of All seasons
and Easter is her crown♥


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