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Sunday, April 25, 2010

A charmed Life

Remember all those ads from Benetton?

A Charmed Life

As my husband always says we are living the dream♥

Recipe for Healing
You will need:
Herbs: Pine needles,cloves
Objects: A seashell
Ribbon: White
If your feeling kind of under the weather,carry this charm to make yourself feel better fat. It chases away sickness and helps you heal.
It also smells very nice.

courtesy of my fabulous sweet friend Jennifer
(You can visit her blog by clicking on Jennifer's Joys)
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In April, in April

My heart is set
Where the pansy and the violet
And the daffodil,
And close-folded lilies grow
In borders dark with melted snow.
Wakening there from wintry sleep
With every bud I sunward creep.
The empurpled crocuses, that dare
With delicate veins the dawn-cold air,
Cradle me in their chalices
Amid the golden sediment.
There I lie in warm content
And listen to the velvet bees,
Watching their dark blue shadows fall
Along the half-transparent wall.
When the sharp-pointed grasses prick
Upward, all passionate to be free,
I share their conflict, fierce and quick,
With the earthen will; I know their glee.
In the star-tinted pimpernel
I hear the silver tongue of rain;
And learn the perfume thrushes smell,
Which makes their song as keen as pain;
And see, where long-lashed daisies crowd,
New revelations in the cloud.
That is why, when old I grow
And near my end, I shall not know.
For every year my heart is set
With the pansy and the violet
And the daffodil:
Submerged within their beauty, I
Transcend my poor mortality.

~In April
!Mary Webb


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I loved the Benetton ads.

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