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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothering Sunday

In Europe Mother's Day is called Mothering Sunday it fell on March 14th this year.

My dear friend in Scotland shared some information with me

We were told in church this year on Mothering Sunday that the day originated from the time men and women were employed as servants in the large country houses. This was before the First World War...because after that things changed dramatically for the lowly working man and woman. thousands and thousands of them were killed during the first and second world wars...and then Unions came into power, so that the working man and woman began to have a voice. They were no longer 'just a nobody'. They'd fought and died in two they began to make a noise, and rebel against the upper classes, who had had it all their way since time began...One Sunday each year they were allowed to go home and visit their mothers, and their family, and so it was called Mothering Sunday.

Isn't that amazing?

This year our Mothering Sunday was on the 14th March...

I found the story of its origin fascinating. To think it was the day when the lowly workers were given a day off to go back home to see their mothers...and the rest of the family.

In Britain all the workers in the 'Big Hooses'...or the country manors were all living in ...usually in the attics of the houses...and their masters practically owned them body and soul. They had virtually no free time...working from dawn till dusk. Some worked on the estate owner's land, tending the animals or the crops; some looked after the forests and coppiced the woods; others were gardeners growing all the vegetables for the year; others were in the kitchen or housemaids or Ladies' Maids, some were chauffeurs and cleaned the cars; young boys learned their was known as being In Service. They worked long hours and tufted their forelocks or curtseyed every time their master or mistress appeared. Many never married... many young girls bore children to their masters or their master's sons...mostly through being raped or 'used' and then thrown out to the workhouse.

But! The war changed everything. So many died, such atrocities they bore and witmnessed that they vowed to change their lives for ever. And so Trade Unions came about and democracy instead of being treated as nothing... Men were given the vote...and women demanded it through the Suffragette Movement. Life was never the same again.

Thank you my darling friend for this information.
I love to hear of history and how we progressed to date.

Interview with God

Thanks for always putting a song in my heart♥


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