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Thursday, July 02, 2009

100 Things about me

100 Things about Jeanne

Treasure those you love and never take a moment in life for granted!

Celebrate you and surround yourself with people that do.

1. I was born during holy week, April 8th, in the 1950's, on a Tuesday. Mom adored us 3 daughters and always said

we were the loves of her lives. We miss our Mom greatly.

2. I loved our family reunion in North Carolina June 2009 and all of our relatives. Love you All~Giggles* Love the south and the sweet southern charm.

3. I would rather be a first rate version of myself rather than a carbon copy of someone else!
4. Our travels to Asia in Spring of 2007 were a trip of a lifetime and so beautiful........
5. I'm a sensitive soul. I miss everyone when I don't see them and treasure my family and all I love.
6. I was born and raised in Ontario Canada. Except for a short time living in North Carolina as a very small

child I have never lived anywhere else.

7. I've been married 15 years to a fantastic husband I have nicknamed Handsome Guy! I love the sound Honey

I am home, Hello Gorgeous, Hi Sweetie and Mom I am here~ And my Grandmothers voice is velvet and Love to me

a soothing balm to my soul.

8. Doing what I love best each and every day........Domestic Goddess and Lady of Luxury *Smiles*!
9. I love all music pretty well and listen to it constantly. The CD's my son makes for me are my favourites. And CD's made for me from many friends.
10. I'm terrible at good-byes. I was so thrilled to have my Son here in September 2008 from Asia. I miss him each and everyday.
11. I love to embrace my bliss, I am very good at this!
12. I love beautiful people with genuine kind loving souls.
13. I have a favourite latte.....sugar free low fat hazelnut.
14. I loved the Beatles, especially Paul.
15. I love Japanese and oriental things.
16. I love children and animals.
17. I'm a talkative person and make friends easily.
18. I am an older sister.
19. My greatest job is being a Mother and wife!
In the career of female fame, there are few prizes to be attained which can vie
with the obscure state of a beloved wife, or a happy Mother
~Jane Porter!
20. I Love Siamese cats and adored all of ours especially Sir Spencer,
and a pampered pooch Princess Abbey both now in Heaven!
21. I use to be an executive assistant for years, and have worked for both the provincial and federal governments.
22. Many things are sentimental to me, and I collect many things,
and love books and CD's and just about everything!
23. I have postcards and gifts from many parts of the world! I am very lucky and must admit very spoiled indeed.
24. I love the colour pink.
25. I love my family so dearly! I have such a gorgeous family. Both immediate and extended.
26. I love to garden.
27. I have never had an inkling to sew,
or knit or do things like that but love it when people make things like this for me.
28. I love to cook, especially for my husband and family!
29. I don't have a mean spirit, and don't like people who do.
30. I love to do laundry! I love everything clean and well kept.
31. I giggle often and love to smile and laugh.
32. I don't like to discuss politics or war movies or anything sad.
33. I receive great joy from the simple things in life.
34. My favourite movie is .........Far too many to choose one,
but I love Suspense Thrillers!
35. I love old romantic love stories.
36. My first car was a gift from my former husband Robbie. He died very young and we miss him Justin and I.
37. I love a mail box brimming, both email and regular.
38. I love to make people smile and happy!
39. I get homesick and am not a very good traveler.

40. I sleep with 4 pillows, but rarely sleep well!
41. I love having a life I share with those I love!
42. I love French perfumes, and Italian baked goods and cappuccino's and fine dining.
43. I love the smell of fresh cut roses from my garden
and a mowed lawn.
44. I enjoy watching children play.
45. I love flowers, just about every kind!
46. I miss my son dearly living so far away
47. I don't like people all wrapped
up in themselves and into everything material!
48. I Love Spring and am always in communion with nature!
49. I kiss and hug a lot and tell
my loved ones I love them constantly!
50. I love to wear lipstick,
perfume and earrings every day no matter what I am doing!
51. I love divine Swiss chocolate.
52. I love mashed potatoes, and comfort foods.
53. I am of great Faith so is my handsome guy.
54. I love living near the water, but have never learned to swim.

55. I love Tinkerbell and Fairies..
56. I don't like gossip and avoid gossipers and trouble makers!
57. I love hot chocolate by a cozy fire!
58. I love looking through my photograph albums, and there are many, far too many *Smiles*
59. I love the smell of linen fresh from the clothes line. I spray my bedding with lavender and have

fresh lavender from our gardens and Lily of the valley when they are fresh.
I still wish I had a clothes line!
60. I was Valedictorian both in Grade school
and high school and yes was the teachers pets! I was a very good student and always wished I had gone to University to further myself.
61. Everyday I focus on my many blessings!
62. I love romance in my life! I love romance and gentlemen who treat a lady well.
63. I took great pride in raising my son,
and am so proud to be his Mother!
64. I can't play any musical instrument, but always love music.
65. I don't like winter, except for my son's birthday
and of course Christmas!
66. I love fireflies in the summer night sky and picnics.
67. I love plays and culture.
68. I embrace all God's gifts with love!
69. I cried in the 2nd grade in front of the class
because someone was mean to another student and took that student under my wing!
70. I'm very loyal and trustworthy! I have never betrayed a confidence in my life.
71. I love old fashioned values.
72. I am looking forward to the celebrations of each day!
73. I love my Grandmother and and miss my Mother so much each moment since she has died! Now I have one Earth Angel!
74. I went to Florida Winter of 2004, and that was my first time there!
75. I love beautiful picture frames.....I take lots of pictures!
76. In the 70's I was a new bride at the age of 21.............and again a bride in 1994
77. I am not artistic, but am creative with my words.
78. I love tea and good books!
79. I buy too many food condiments, and gourmet items.
80. I still like to send handwritten letters, and receive them as well.
81. I'm not athletic.
82. I collect childrens books
for future grandchildren,.
83. I love each and every one of my friends dearly!
84. I'm ever thankful for technology!
85. I don't dwell on the negative.
86. I don't watch soap operas, or much TV at all.
87. I like to send lots of greeting cards!
88. I have a thing for cashmere, and the elegance of life.
89. I love Target stores and wish we had them here in Canada.
90. After 15 years at my current job,
domestic Goddess, I love it more each day!
91. I'm starting to feel the time passes far tooooooo quickly!
92. I love Sunshine and the beginning of each new day.
93. I love peace and contentment.
94. I wish at times I was not so sensitive.
95. I dislike hospitals both as a patient and a visitor!
96. I love beautiful French linens.
97. I laugh a lot.
98. I like to write with a delicious colour of bright and beautiful pens.
99. I love to spoil those I love.
100. I want to see my son live a long healthy happy life,
and someday I hope to hold his children in my arms!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

My tastes are simple darlings I only love the best!
My family, faith and friends are
what tug at my heart strings.
I love children, animals, kind and caring and genuine people.


At 4:32 AM, Anonymous Dani said...

A beautiful you!

At 3:49 AM, Blogger Jeanne said...

Love you


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